Coupon Code Documentation

This plugin is an element for Elementor Website Builder. To use it you need to add the Elementor plugin to your WordPress website. If you already have Elementor installed you can skip the next step.

How to install Elementor Website Builder?

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, click Plugins > Add New.
  2. In the Search field, enter Elementor and choose Elementor Website Builder to install.
  3. After installation, click Activate.

The Elementor Website Builder is now installed! To edit a page with the new builder click the Edit with Elementor button.

How to install Coupon Code for Elementor?

  1. Download the .ZIP archive from Envato Market or Envato Elements.
  2. Unzip it, and inside you will find Plugin/ folder.
  3. Inside this folder is the installable plugin .ZIP archive.
  4. Go to your WordPress Dashboard.
  5. From the WordPress Dashboard, click Plugins > Add New.
  6. In the top right corner, click Upload Plugin.
  7. Now click the Choose File button and select the .ZIP archive from the Plugin/ folder.
  8. Click Install Now button.
  9. After installation, click Activate.

The add-on is now installed! To edit a page with Elementor click the Edit with Elementor button.

How to use Coupon Code for Elementor?

When editing a page with Elementor, use the Search Widget field to find easy the Coupon Code element.

Drag and drop the element into canvas for it to appear. A set of controls on the left, in Elementor sidebar is available.


  1. Coupon Code – Set the coupon code value that will be copied to clipboard.
  2. Message After – Set a message to display after click.
  3. Message Timeout – Time in milliseconds to hold the message.

Style Tab

The Style tab lets you customize element appearance. Style options are split into two sections.

  1. Coupon – With these settings we can customize the coupon fonts, styles, sizes, color, box shadow and more.
  2. Message – Message has its own style for fonts, styles, sizes, color, box shadow and more. A nice idea is to match these two elements in fonts and basic appearance, but you’re not limited to that.

Where to get support?

Codecanyon purchases receive 6 months of premium support. If you need help using the element, please visit our Codecanyon item page here and submit your request.

Thank you for using the Layered Heading for Elementor plugin by XElementor!